William B. Travis Early College High School

Seniors! English EOC Prep and TSI Prep Monday 4/19/21

Seniors, please check your email!

If you need to retake the English 1 EOC, English 2 EOC or both, you will have an inviation in your email to EOC prep on Monday 4/19. You can attend in-person or via Zoom. The English 1 exam is Tuesday 4/20 @ 9 AM. The English 2 exam is is Thursday 4/22 @ 9 AM. You must be on campus to take the test. Remember that you must pass EOCs as part of your graduation requirements. 

If you still need to pass TSI will have an invitation to TSI prep in your email. Prep will be on Monday 4/19. The TSI will be offered in-person on Wednesday 4/21 on campus.


Your English teachers have been calling this week to speak with you and your family about testing this coming week.