William B. Travis Early College High School

Hospitality & Tourism Management P-TECH

The P-TECH School model allows students the opportunity to earn industry certifications, and an associate degree or Level 1 certificate, by high school graduation at no cost to the student. Our Travis P-TECH Program builds upon our highly successful Hospitality CTE program, which has prepared students for a career in the Hospitality field for over 20 years through hands-on learning and the engagement of partners in the Hospitality industry. 

The P-TECH is brought to you in partnership with:

  • Visit Austin Foundation
  • Austin Hotel and Lodging Association
  • Austin Community College

The P-TECH program is open admission. All incoming 9th graders are eligible, but students must make sure to submit a complete application.  The purpose of the application, and all information requested, is to get to know the student. No personal, academic or other type of information is used to make admissions decisions for this program.


P-TECH Application


The 2022-2023 AISD Common Application is closed, but YOU CAN STILL APPLY!!


Complete these STEPS by the deadline to Apply for the Travis P-TECH Program 

  1. Submit the AISD Common Application for Schools of Choice - NOW CLOSED, skip to STEP 2 below

  2. Submit the Travis P-TECH Program Supplemental Application Form. Two short-answer questions are part of this application. We suggest you work your responses on a google doc before you start filling out the form: Q.1: Write about a place you dream about traveling to. Why do you want to go there and what would you like to do there?; Q.2: Going through a program like this one allows you to begin your college career early. Why is going to college and furthering your education important to you?

  3. Complete the Travis AVID Interest Form


Please READ the info below carefully:

  • The AISD Common Application must be completed by a parent or guardian. Students cannot create their own Common Application account. Click here for Instructions and assistance with the AISD Common Application. 
  • If you are an AISD student but your parent does not already have a parent portal account or does not know how to access, follow these instructions for How to Create an AISD Portal Account. These instructions also explain how a parent who is new to AISD can create a parent portal account in order to access the AISD Common Application.
  • The Common App asks you to provide information on multiple academic items, but NOTE: the only item required for the Travis P-TECH application is one Teacher Recommendation from English, Social Studies, Math or Science. The other items are optional, NOT required.
  • Students can work on the Supplemental Application Form without their parents (although it does need a parent/guardian signature at the end). They can also submit the Supplemental Form before the Common App, but NOTE: both the Common App and the Supplemental Form must be submitted BY THE DEADLINE to have a complete application. 
  • If you have questions or need help with any step of of the P-TECH application process, contact Vangie Orozco, Project Specialist for Travis Early College Programs (512-414-7715, vangie.orozco@austinisd.org)

AVID Partnership

All incoming 9th-grade P-TECH students must participate in the AVID program at Travis. AVID is an elective class that provides support to students enrolled in ACC classes by offering tutoring, homework time, and academic/organizational checks. AVID teaches the study and organizational skills needed for college success and offers additional TSI preparation to those who need it. All applicants must submit an AVID interest form along with ECHS application by deadline. 

After the Application

Once students have applied and are notified of program acceptance, they must take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college readiness test. Students will also be asked to participate in summer activities where they receive program orientation, college readiness activities, and TSI test preparation, as needed. Information on testing and other date(s) will be provided with acceptance notification.  

P-TECH students pursuing the associate degree must meet TSI college-readiness scores by December, so they can enroll in the first required ACC class in January 2023. Students that do not meet college-readiness scores at this point will have the opportunity to continue further TSI prep and re-testing in the spring semester so they can take the first ACC class in the summer. Students who have not passed TSI by the beginning of their 10th grade, have the option of pursuing the ACC Level 1 Hospitality Certificate option instead of the associate degree. 

Regardless of TSI status, all PTECH 9th graders will be enrolled in the Principles of Hospitality class. This is the first class in the P-TECH degree plan (high school class). 


Students that are planning to participate in the Travis P-TECH Program and need an in-district or out-of-district transfer to attend Travis HS must first apply to the P-TECH program by the established deadline. Once an acceptance notification is received, please return the P-TECH Commitment Form included with the notification. This will secure that an in-district transfer is processed automatically, if needed. If you need an out-of-district transfer you must also complete the district transfer application with the AISD Student Services office.

NOTE: Bus transportation will be provided from anywhere in the district to transfer students who wish to participate in our P-TECH program.  

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