William B. Travis Early College High School


Business courses at Travis give students the opportunity to develop workplace-readiness skills, earn industry certifications, learn about entrepreneurship, financial management and more. In the business cluster, business knowledge and technology skills prepare students for a bright future!

Course offerings include:

Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance (Course #8318 Grades 9-12)

The Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance course builds students' academic knowledge and skills while providing them with opportunities to reinforce, apply and transfer the material learned to relevant problems and settings in a business environment. Students also analyze the social responsibility of business and industry through an understanding of business ethics.

Money Matters (Course #8362 Grades 9-12)

Students will have opportunities to learn about financial planning, budgeting, saving, credit, banking, insurance and investments while applying critical thinking skills to analyze financial options based on current and projected economic factors.

Business Information Management I (Course #8322 Grades 9-12)

Students learn and apply technical skills to address business applications using Microsoft Office. Students will have the opportunity to earn college credit, as well as industry-recognized certifications in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Prerequisite: Touch System Data Entry, Keyboarding or demonstrated keyboarding proficiency

Practicum in Business Management (Course #8344 Grade 12)

The Practicum in Business Management is designed to give students supervised, practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills. Practicum experience is in the form of an unpaid assignment with the City of Austin. Students apply technical skills to address business applications of emerging technologies, and implement personal and interpersonal skills to strengthen workplace performance and make a successful transition to work or postsecondary education. Students develop a foundation in the economic, financial, technological, social and ethical aspects of business, enabling them to become competent consumers, employees and entrepreneurs. Students will be expected to work in groups. This is a two-credit, double block course.

Prerequisite: Business Information Management I and one credit in Business Management cluster courses