William B. Travis Early College High School


Rebel Engineers create what others only imagine!

In the engineering program, students can gain industry certification in Computer Aided Design (CAD), create functioning prototypes and build their engineering skills. Students also learn about different career paths, presentation building and ethics in a project-based learning environment, and have access to our purpose-designed, on-campus MakerSpace!

As Freshmen, Rebel Engineers learn about careers, presentation building, ethics, and beginning making (creating prototypes). We also learn the beginning steps for computer aided design (CAD) using Solidworks for our canvas.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors learn more engineering skills and become proficient with professional presentations and computer aided designs, while also creating prototypes that function in the real world. 

​Industry Certification: Solidworks CAD
Articulated Credit: 3-4 credit hours each year, beginning in the sophomore year.

Principles of Applied Engineering
Introduction to Engineering Design
Engineering Science
Engineering Design and Problem Solving