William B. Travis Early College High School

Media Technologies

A wide range of programs is available under the media technologies umbrella. Current pathways include:

Graphic Design

People are exposed to Graphic Design in all aspects of everyday life. This course teaches the creative process that is central to visual communication and presentation. Students learn about brand identity, websites, advertising and product packaging as well as the methods, technical skills and industry-standard software used to combine words and images to convey ideas and messages.

Video Game Design

The Video Game Design program at Travis helps students gain proficiency in industry-standard software such as Adobe Creative, as well as teaching computer programming skills, digital imaging and multimedia. Students with these highly in-demand skills have a significant advantage in the 21st century workforce.

Audio Visual Production

Rebel Productions is the sequence of three classes in Audio and Video Production at Travis Early College High School. Students learn every aspect of production, such as writing, filming, directing, producing and editing. They learn in a very hands-on, project-based environment and master a wide variety of media creation skills, inlcuding using video cameras, editing software, acting and music creation.


  • Audio and Video Production (articulated with RTVB1305 at Austin Community College)
  • Advanced Audio Video Production (statewide ATC articulation)
  • Digital Audio Technology - this class offers opportunities for students to study studio recording and music production in The Beat Lab—our on-campus recording studio. Here, students learn the skills of studio engineering, radion and music production.

Student filming during a Travis video class