William B. Travis Early College High School

Why Early College High School?

  • Students can earn tuition-free college credit that also satisfies high school requirements.

  • Depending on when students start the program, they can earn an associate degree at the same time as their high school diploma.

  • Students start courses at ACC once they meet college-readiness standards. If college-ready, students may start college courses their freshman year.

  • Students attend college classes during the day either at Travis or at an ACC campus, and during the schools year. Summer ACC classes are also offered but not required.

  • Students can access ACC support services including college advising, career counseling and free tutoring. 

  • Travis Early College High School is an outstanding value and investment of time and effort for our students. At Texas colleges, the average cost for 60 hours of college credit is $23,458. The cost for Travis Early College High School is $0! There is no cost for tuition, transportation or textbooks.

This amazing program offers:

  • Enrollment in ACC dual credit classes at NO COST to the student or family
  • The opportunity to complete an Associate Degree in General Studies (60 credits) or the Core Curriculum (42 credits)
  • Enrollment in college readiness and academic support class (AVID)
  • Core classes that still allow for participation in most elective classes, such as Fine Arts, Career & Technology, and Athletics programs
  • A full-time staff members at both Travis and ACC to support students programatically and academicallyand much more! 

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