William B. Travis Early College High School

Fine Arts

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program helps students develop skill in a variety of different media, including drawing, sculpture, printmaking and painting. We learn elements of art theory and history, composition, technique and how to use tools and materials. Travis art students have a proven track record of success at state and national level competitions.


Commercial Photography teaches all elements of the photographic process, including use of DSLR cameras, studio lighting and composition as well as industry-standard software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.


Travis offers aspiring musicians the opportunity to join musical programs such as marching band, drumline, jazz band, wind ensemble, classical guitar and orchestra. As well as improving their technical skills, students learn music theory, performance skills, teamwork, and regularly compete at a city and state level.

Visit the Travis Rebel Band page for more information.

Travis theatre students perform High School Musical