William B. Travis Early College High School

Culinary Arts

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness

Our prerequisite for the culinary program. Students will learn recipe quantity and conversions, nutritional breakdown of foods and get hands-on experience, enabling them to become familiar with the tools of the trade. All students interested in our culinary arts program will not only need to pass LN&W, but also obtain Miss Gillespie’s approval for advancement into the pathway.

Culinary Arts I

Our introductory culinary arts course gives students the opportunity to learn commercial kitchen safety and sanitation guidelines as well as enabling them to get their Texas State Food Handlers Permit. All students need to earn this permit before being able to produce food in the IHCA kitchen. Uniforms are mandatory on a daily basis and a line up inspection will be carried out to ensure all health codes and safety codes are met. We start with the fundamentals of cooking, from vegetables and starch to the brigade system. A team system is used for all projects, and students maintain their teams throughout the year. Each team is responsible for specific cleaning and cooking tasks each day, with tasks rotating throughout the week. Culinary Arts I and the approval of Chef Instructor Jason Osborne is required to enter Culinary Practicum.

Culinary Practicum

Our second-year culinary arts course emphasizes leadership and responsibility in the culinary field. Students will be required to find an off-campus site at which to volunteer at on a regular basis throughout the year. An on-site manager will be responsible for overseeing a particular student and will evaluate them regularly. Each set of six weeks will include several checkpoint tasks that will be graded. We also delve into some advanced culinary techniques and Practicum students are expected to give direction to first-year students during all applicable events.